avy's neocities
welcome to my neocities! thanks for visiting :]
please read the four main links if you can! i would really appreciate it!!
also, i'm really sorry if there are any issues viewing my page on mobile! i'm still trying to work out the html and stuff.
avy, he/him, 16, aries
(friends can use she/her)
white + lesbian + autistic + more
♡ i love my girlfriend ♡
please don't follow me if you support or participate in ddlg/cgl, ship real people, are or sympathize with TERFs or MAPs, or support trump.
i don't have a byf otherwise but i am pretty picky about who follows me and i'll softblock anyone who makes me uncomfortable.
this acc is tweet/rt heavy.
please tw vomit, apocalypse, and the q slur.
go here to see my political/discourse opinions.
ult group
red velvet

groups i stan
blackpink, twice, elris, bolbbalgan4, exid, bts

groups i listen to
snsd, gfriend, sunmi, ladies' code, weki meki, 4minute, pristin, dreamcatcher

i do my best to stay up to date and aware of anything problematic that any of these groups or idols do, and i don't condone any of it.
priv acc: @lebbian
instagram: @christmas.lesbian
tumblr: @avyz

discord: avy#7380
battle tag (pc): avy#11693
pocket camp code: 7334 6771 811
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more about
my birthday is march 28
i'm 5'8"/173cm
i'm nonbinary and (questioning) butch
birth chart | INTP | ravenclaw | chaotic good

i'm a freshman in college + getting my associate in arts hopefully in 2019
i live in america and i'm on eastern time
i love learning languages!
fluent in: english, latin
learning: japanese, french, korean
feel free to follow if you disagree with any of this, but i am vocal about my opinions so if that bothers you don't follow.

cishet asexuals/aromantics and cis aroaces are not lgbt or oppressed.
monosexual and allosexual privilege do not exist (gay people aren't privileged for only liking one gender, non-asexual people are not privileged for being non-asexual).
butch privilege does not exist.
reverse oppression (reverse racism/cisphobia/etc) does not exist.
butch and femme are lesbian exclusive terms.
dyke is a lesbian exclusive term.
pronouns do not equal gender (lesbians can use he/him, gay men can use she/her, etc)
you do not need dysphoria to be trans.
trans women are women, trans men are men, and there are more than 2 genders.

if you're curious about how i feel on any other issues, just ask me!